Bat Towers from Iconem on Vimeo.


Added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988, the protohistoric site of Bat is exceptionally rich in both archaeological and historical terms. Together with the neighbouring sites of Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn, it forms one of the most complete collections in the world of settlements and necropolises from the 3rd millennium B.C. Monumental towers and tombs have been excavated here.

The site contains numerous tumuli. These mounds of earth and stone, which were commonly erected above a burial, are very difficult to identify. They are also located in an area which is hard to access, as the terrain is mountainous and rugged. In the absence of topographical data, archaeologists called upon Iconem to carry out an accurate survey of the site.


We carried out flights over an area of almost 400,000 m² with a drone of the latest generation. This enabled us to reconstruct each of the individual stones and tumuli on the site. The low flying height of the appliance enabled us to achieve an image accuracy of between 2 cm and 10 cm per pixel.