With Hellenistic, Byzantine and Ottoman phases, the fortress of Lissos has never been completely surveyed. It is now threatened by the plan to construct a hotel on the highest point, which is also the sector richest in archaeological material. We carried out a digital rescue operation of the entire site in order to preserve the greatest possible amount of archaeological information relating to the visible structures, thereby anticipating the physical destruction caused by this construction project. This digital model is intended to accompany an archaeological study, based on a combination of the virtual model and field observations.


By combining different image altitudes (150 m, 50 m, 20 m and 7 m) with different techniques (drone and poles) we have been able to reconstruct a virtual 3D model of the whole of the site. This model will make visible the structure of all elevations on the site and will enable an architectural study even once the structures have been demolished. The research programme is in progress and destruction has not yet begun.