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Our world’s cultural heritage is threatened. Looting, urbanisation, mass tourism, armed conflict, and climate change damage and destroy irreplaceable sites where cultures emerged, languages developed, civilisations thrived. These imperilled heritage sites embody humanity’s rich cultural diversity. It is crucial that we document and preserve them now. Iconem’s mission is to further conservation of these endangered places by digitising them for exploration and study, today and tomorrow. Our expert team travels the globe, combining the large-scale scanning capacity of drones and the photorealistic quality of 3D to create digital replicas of our most treasured places, record them for future generations, and champion them today.


Founded in 2013, Iconem is an innovative startup that specialises in the digitisation of endangered cultural heritage sites in 3D. We work with international organisations, national governments, local authorities, and world class museums such as UNESCO, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, the Sultanate of Oman, the City of Paris, and the Louvre. We design site-specific architectural 3D models; large-scale urban and rural 3D models; museum exhibitions; and training for local professionals.


If you want to support our work, you can help us ! Send your digitised photographies of heritage sites all around the world to contact(@)iconem.com. We will use the pictures within our photogrammetric process or as scientific archives in order to protect and preserve the memory of endangered heritage sites.


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